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Téléphone: 0772336652
Type: Indépendante
Email: Cliquez ici pour me contacter
La nationalité: Jamaïque
N° De l'annonce: 44373
A propos de moi

Really nothing more to say. But just send me a sms me if you think im BEAUTIFUL and CUTE and YOUNG and maybe FUNNY and KIND and you want or maybe want to spend a WONDERFUL TIME with me. And the most important thing is im 21 years old !! im 21 years old!! im 21 years old!! # please look at the picture that i took with a piece of peper with my phone number on it, before you ask me " is that real you on the picture? " sorry for bolck my eyes, because i dont want to let my schoolmate know is me. but you can whatsapp me for my original photo.

Mes Servises
A propos de moi
Âge: 21
Silhouette: Mince
Mensurations: 166
Couleur de Cheveux: Black
Service: Escort Asiatique
Location: Incall And Outcall
Pays: Escort Girl France
Ville: Paris
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